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Another super interesting project done in my Publication Design course was the one in which I had to create a unique folded brochure for a hotel or resort. I could choose anyplace in the world to do my project one, so I wanted to find a place extremely out of the ordinary. I ended up finalizing my destination of choice on Kakslauttanen Hotel, a winter wilderness resort in Finland​.

project requirements

  • include hotel features and amenities

  • unique folding structure (no regular bifold/trifold)

I believe my research served me well, because I found a place so one of kind, it could be out of a fairytale. This cold, out-of-the-way resort in Finland allows you to sleep in igloos of all sorts. Snow, glass, and even a combination of a log cabin and a glass igloo. The fun doesn't stop there, as popular amenities include a variety of winter safaris, water activities, beautiful landmarks, and aurora hunting. After completing this project, I vowed to one day visit this distinctly amazing place to experience and capture the true essense of it myself.





C: 41 M: 50 Y: 0 K: 37 

C: 30 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 73 

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