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This page is dedicated to the commissioned freelance work I've done. Check out the various projects below

The SeaScaper

My college roommate's father commissioned me to create a boat logo for his new vessel. Using the catchy name as the body of a deceased fish proved to yield a smooth, continuous graphic. Scroll through the gallery to check out the process. 


Athena Ceramics

A cousin of mine had recently been enthralled in the world of pottery, so I designed a logo she could use for her socials. Incorporating her favorite color and animal, this Greco-style branding is representative of the intricate work she does. 

Tzatziki Bae

Another cousin of mine has always been very into his food and started his own recipe page on Instagram. Primarily focusing on Greek cuisine, the page showcased delectable recipes all homemade from the Tzatziki bae himself. 

Timber & Stone Builders LLC

Branding work done for an older friend of mine in the market of home improvement, carpentry, masonry, and more. Aiming for a vintage look, this classic patch-style branding makes for easy application on a variety of locations.

Jag Fitness

Fitness apparel brand for an old high school buddy of mine. His favorite animal is the jaguar and he wanted to draw a connection between it's graceful identity and the power behind strength fitness. Swipe for process!