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Project Inspiration

This project was born out of this new idea I've been trying out to help with design inspiration. I take two random words, pair them together and create a project out of them. This time, the words were fruit and health. Brainstorming didn't take long before I came up with a concept for a skincare brand that utilizes the health benefits of bananas.










Project Overview

I really enjoyed coming up with this project, especially when it came to the logo creation and choosing typefaces. After scouring multiple web resources, I found three banana themed fonts that paired well together. 

The primary and my favorite typeface, used in the logotype, simulates banana plant leafs and gives off a warm, tropical, and inviting feel to the branding. 

When creating a color palette, I couldn't not use a shade of yellow for a banana product. After that, it was simply finding colors that compliment. The unity of the four colors working together really give this project a cohesive and kinetic look.

Personally, when it comes to skincare, I think about packaging aesthetics. Boring labels and containers never caught my eye, so I wanted the vibrancy of this brand to speak for itself.

To me, the logo is the most aesthetic aspect of the brand and is what screams out "skincare" the most. The line work is elegant, sleek and clean, while also clearly indicating the nature-centric symbolic motifs (banana, leaf, human face) that are representative of the brand.

Brand name was derived from the first four letters of my last name. Also rhymed with banana so it rolls off the tongue nicely.

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