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Supply Drop is a streetwear clothing company founded in 2019 in Norwalk, CT. The idea to create a clothing brand had always been in the back of mind, ever since I picked up a passion for fashion. I take pride in what I wear, as I feel it expresses something about my personality. A big inspiration behind this brand was to incorporate my love for animation and cartoon, something that was central to me during my childhood. As someone who likes to live a youthful life, I hope to spread and share this message through Supply Drop Clothing Company.

A supply drop, or airdrop, is a air-dropped package of useful and wanted supplies, first used in WWII to aid troops with necessary supplies in otherwise unaccessible locations



A few months after launching, I rebranded Supply Drop Clothing Company into Greco Supply, an extenuation of my life endeavors in design and fashion. Heavily influenced by Greek heritage and culture, Greco Supply has become the avenue in which I can express my style and appreciation for unique design. The products below were created after the rebranding. 

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