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Nero Water came from the simple admiration I have for water. As a child, the sugary rush from syrupy, artificially flavored sodas did enough to tickle my fancy for a short while, but I came to a realization as I matured: nothing quenches your thirst like water does. I fazed out the liquid sugar and started carrying a metallic water bottle around everywhere, ensuring I had cold H2O on me at all times. I've always been big into sustainability as well, which is why I believe the recyclable carton of water was a unique yet functional path to take.



What's quite punny about the name of the brand is that it literally translates to "water" from Greek. While naming a water company "water" may seem a bit unorginal, the Greek term νερό had a real ring to itI really had my heart set on having the 'n' be the main emblem of the brand, while also incorporating a way in which you'd be able to tell it was related to water. Placing a rain droplet where the cavity under the 'n' should be retains the identity of the letter 'n' while also smoothly fitting another shape to create a whole new perspective and way to look at it. The typeface I landed upon was not only bold but almost cinematic as well, giving off a look of grandeur.


Adjacent are some iterations I did leading up to the final rendition. The idea of the liquid 'n' was scrapped in an effort to refrain from being too abstract. Also believe the contrast between the 'n' and the rest of the letters was too much and a bit chaotic. When I found the typeface I wanted to use, I finally had a consistent and balanced logo.




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